Sunday, March 07, 2010

Lego of my Wallet

We had 2 coupons for a free child's admission with a paid adult admission to Lego Land. We had never been before, and decided, what the heck?

We took the kids this afternoon, and I'm thinking - alright, it'll probably cost us about $20 to get in and that was decent for us to spend the afternoon.

Imagine my surprise when we walk in and the price per adult is $19! Thank goodness for the kids coupons, otherwise they would have been $15 each!

Seriously, for a family of 4, this place wants nearly $70 just to walk in the door.

Now, I like Legos as much as the next person. Honestly. I think they are neat. And they've been around FOREVER. Truly one toy to withstand the test of time. And I enjoyed seeing the city of Chicago made out of Legos.

But overall, it is just too expensive for what it really is and we will likely never go back.

What family attractions do you have near you? Are they worth the money?

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Barb said...

I live in attraction town ~ Disney, Universal, Seaworld and Kennedy Space Center are all within an hour of me ~ and that's just the big stuff.
They are working on a Lego Land near here but from what I understand it will be a full blown amusement park.