Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Yes, I might be a little obsessed

But I'm a fan. And I'm a fan for life.

And it's been 100 years.

But let me tell you .... the Cubs are living up to the running joke that I get tired of hearing.

You know. CUBS


Yeah, real ingenious and witty, isn't it? (barf.)

So, whenever I hear that from someone, I want to jab a shattered baseball bat in their eye.

But it's even worse to hear when the Cubs are nearly being useless. Or perhaps it's just that Lou seems to be an entirely different manager at this point in the season. What the heck is up with that? Huh, Lou? Care to explain? Let's meet and do lunch and you can explain. And I can tell you that I don't care to have my heart broken (again), nor do I care to see my first grader's heart broken over his absolute favorite team in the whole wide world.

So, let's figure this out. Let's see the team that was kicking ass back in July and August.

A winning World Series ball club doesn't get there because their biggest threat keeps losing.

We need some WINS!!!!


Southern Sage said...

sometimes you win, sometimes you lose and sometimes it rains...

Melissa said...

A little? ;)

Sassy One said...

Never heard that one before. I won't repeat it ;)

Mackenzies Momma said...

Ah, Good Ole Lou. What an odd manager. I remember back in his heyday when he was good to the end of season, now he seems to need to get his batteries changed. (I 'knew' him when he was in Seattle). So, uh, maybe just go for cold indifference?

Jenn said...

Oh, the words that were coming out of my mouth when Kerry Wood TOTALLY blew the game on Sunday. My unborn child was hearing some interesting combination of words that hopefully he/she will NEVER repeat. LOL

Here's hoping that they can get their heads out of you know where. LOL