Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Curious Minds Want to Know....

Would you rather....

- Be called a racist or a traitor to your country?

- Be spanked or be put on a restriction (on your favorite thing to do)?

- Get even or get over it?

- Not be able to use your phone or your e-mail?

- Be stranded on an island alone or with someone you hate?

Go on! Let's see what you have to say.


Southern Sage said...

Id rather be called a racist
I'd rather be spanked (its quicker) (I use the spank then restrict on my kids)
I hate talking on the fone.
with someone I hate if its a chick
get over it usually depending on what.

Hope ya'll are having fun!

Sassy One said...

Racist. It's one thing to be called one, and quite another to actual BE one.

Definitely a good spanking. Maybe 2 to make sure I learned my lesson.

Get over it. Life's too short.

No phone. Meh. you can chat online in gmail right? hehe

Be stranded with someone I hate. It's still company and no doubt we'd pass the time, even if it was plotting on how to piss the other one off...and 2 heads are better then one for survival.

mackey said...

1. Doesn't matter to me... people can CALL me whatever they want. I KNOW what I am.

2. Spanking....with Sass's spatula of course;)

3. That's easy...GET OVER IT. I don't do revenge.

4.You can have my phone...I hate it!

5.With someone I hate. Who knows... after all that time together we might end up being great friends!