Saturday, December 23, 2006

It's over

Tonight was our last night for our fundraiser. We started off the night with sirens wailing and lights flashing as the ambulance lead the procession with the firetruck behind, carrying Santa and the 2 children that won the Ride With Santa raffle.

Sold plenty more raffle tickets within the next hour, several cups of hot cocoa, took a few straight donations and then pulled the winners for all the raffle items.

Our grand total raised ....... $2,500.

We've raised more than the fire department ever has been able to with dances, etc. They estimate that the mailing they will do prior to floating the referendum again this Spring will cost $2K. So this was all worth it, and if the referendum passes next Spring -- it was worth it that much more.

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Jess said...

glad that you had a successful fundraiser!