Saturday, September 16, 2006

Buying Stock in Antibiotics

I feel like I should be buying stock in a pharmaceutical company.

Both my kids have ear infections. Two separate trips to urgent care, just a day apart, to find the infection in the same ear in each child. Fun!

They are each on a different antibiotic. Hopefully the rest of the household members with colds don't end up with ear infections, too.

It's just so ironic that a non-contagious ear infection presented itself in both my children, in the same ear, practically at the same time.


Jordan and Tara's Mommy said...

Oh that sucks!!! I usually get both kids checked if I take Tara in they'll check Jordan just cause he feels left out....poor kids! :(

Lacey said...

I'd bet it was from the flight. Jacey got her very first (and only ever) ear infection right after one of our trans-atlantic flights.

Hope you all feel much better soon!

Lacey said...

You've been tagged :-)