Saturday, January 01, 2011


Happy 2011!!!

Unbelievably, I was able to last until midnight and ring in the new year with my husband. Granted, we were already in bed, but we did stay awake watching the tv footage of New York and Chicago's celebration.

When midnight rolled in, and the tv channel we were watching flashed a big "HAPPY 2011" on the screen, it was the first time that the number actually scared me a bit.


I'm not sure what makes 2011 any different than 2010. But I said to my husband, "I really feel old".

I think it's just that I graduated high school in the 90s (late 90s, but still...) and now here we are PAST 2010 already. Feeling slightly like life is getting away from me.

Sloooowwwww down.

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momma monkey said...

i know, i can't believe it's already 2011...i just feel like life is continuing to go but i'm still staying young.... I just can't picture me being any older....Life needs to slow down a little