Saturday, December 04, 2010

Calling All Prayer Warriors....

I told you all about my good friend that has been down quite the road to get pregnant.

They just found out the good news last week & this week they saw their itty bitty little baby on ultrasound, measuring a happy 6 weeks.

However, today they found themselves in the ER due to bleeding. The good news is that they DID hear the baby's heartbeat (such a HUGE step!), but it was lower than what the doctor wanted. More good news is that her HCG levels increased again, but they were told it really could go either way.

So if you all could take a moment and pray for that baby to hang on. In my heart I feel that everything will be okay, but some extra prayers never hurt, either.

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Jess said...

praying for her! A friend of mine had that happen, she bled her whole entire pregnancy and the baby was fine!