Monday, September 13, 2010

As the leaves change...

I feel like my life is changing....not drastically in which we'd feel our world was being turned upside down, but rather in a way that I feel like I will be a better person; a happier person.

I don't have answers to my medical questions and right now I can't be burdened by them. The rheumatologist was certain there is not auto-immune disease to worry of. So I won't. Unless there's a reason to worry, I just don't have the time in my life to give in to worrying.

I'm not going to let something out of my hands, hold me back. I have a life to live, and I will not let anything -or anyone- stand in my way.

I have recently gotten in touch (thanks to social networking at it's finest) with a dear old friend of mine who, last I knew, was living in California. It had been at least 12 years, more like 15, since we had last been in touch with one another. Imagine my surprise when I found out she's living back here in Illinois! I am thrilled and looking forward to getting together with her. We've got so much to catch up on!

I'm surrounded by wonderful people every day. Ones that take my breath away with their strength and positivity to continue forward when they were dealt an unfair hand; ones that I envy with their patience and good heart; ones that can put me in my place & tell me like it is, even if I don't like it; ones that make me laugh and ones that are there thru thick and thin.

I am a better person because of those amazing people in my life and I thank you.

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momma monkey said...

what a great post....i'm happy for you as you go through this transistion of change....growth like this is amazing......