Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Settin' the place on FIRE!

It's a guarantee that when my girlfriends and I all get together, we have a good time. We've got story after story, and those stories have led us to nicknames and many inside jokes.

This past Friday, my mom & I hosted our annual cookie exchange and the usual gang of girlfriends came over.

My BFF, Melissa, came in bearing gift bags and asked us to open our special gifts. We knew it was something she made, but you could have never prepared me for what I was about to pull out....

She made us each a pair of slippers.....pad slippers. Pad as in Maxi-pad. They were custom to each of us. For instance, mine said "Snarky".

We howled with laughter, and didn't pay much attention to the candle on the table and the over abundance of tissue paper. Look closely in this next photo .... you'll see the glow of the flame and some tissue which appears to be much too close.

This is the photo I caption: DANGER WILL ROBINSON!!!!

Yes, the tissue caught on fire.

And yes, the flames were probably a good 12 inches high.

And yes, it burned straight thru the tablecloth.

And while we're at it, yes, flaming tissue came at me and singed my shirt AND my hair.

No joke. I have some evidence:

After we extinguished the flames and calmed ourselves down, we went on to have a fabulous night.

I really couldn't ask for a better group of friends. I love you gals.

Merry Christmas to each of you!!


Melissa said...

LOL! Love the labels...we laughed after the fire was out...where are your hat and scarf? :)

Southern Sage said...

Looks like fun to me!

Swishy said...

That is hilarious! Happy New Year :)