Thursday, December 17, 2009

1 week til the big man cometh down the chimney

It's hard to believe in just a week, families will be gathering and children will be placing out cookies & milk and waiting in anticipation for Santa.

The holiday season never slows it's pace, and before we can blink it's time to pull down all the twinkle bulbs, pack away all the sentimental keepsake ornaments and chalk it up as another year gone.

I look forward to Christmas immensely. I always have, but I do so even more being a parent. Yet, I think about how close the holiday is, and already feel the little nag of depression that it's all going to be over with much too quickly.

This year I started everything just a little bit earlier; the shopping, the wrapping, watching the holiday movies... Yet, I still feel like I haven't gotten to truly enjoy it. I don't understand why. We've sat around in our jammies, by the tree, watching movies or playing a holiday Wii game. I've sat with the kids and colored in their Christmas coloring books. We've gone out to look at Christmas lights. We've read a few Christmas stories. We've baked a gazillion cookies. We've donated to the local food pantry, and attended the town tree lighting ceremony. We've visited Santa, sang along to Christmas carols, and helped out a family in need.

And that's not all. There is still plenty of festiveness to be had. Our cookie exchange, the holiday light show/Santa visit on our block, getting together with family, my holiday work luncheon, and a girl's night holiday dinner.

I'm truly blessed with what we've been able to do. Able to enjoy. Able to give. I just wish it was more....


Southern Sage said...

Well I'm on the other end of the spectrum!

I wish it was over already!

jeanmesta said...
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