Monday, July 20, 2009

More than halfway

I'm just over halfway done with my 52 Things list.

I'm lacking severely in the number of bottles of water I've consumed as well as how many books I've read for the year. And there's a couple things on the list that I know I likely won't be able to complete (get a new tattoo) and one thing that I think I will take off the list (attend BlogHer conference) and replace with something else (?).

As for right now, summer is just speeding along. We'll be going on vacation next month - traveling to visit family in CT and then day trips to NYC, RI and MA. Very much looking forward to it!!!

Maybe once I return, I'll have found my - still missing - blogging mojo.


Melissa said...

So your saying your going to be floating in all the water you will need to catch up on?

Happy canoeing!!

Coach Corrie said...

from one blockhead to another! nice blog!