Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ups and Downs

There are decent days, there are bad days and there are days where I can't imagine making it thru the entire day.

I am bouncing around with emotions - from complete hatred, to disgust, to fear, to sympathy, to complete exhaustion.

Prior to the job loss event, I had plans to go out with friends to Dave & Buster's on Friday night to celebrate my birthday and another friend's. I still planned on going out, and hoped I'd be able to enjoy myself and not bring anyone down with my mood.

I got there and walked in to the table set with party decor; tablecloth and confetti, birthday balloons and a gorgeous cake.

There were presents galore, and best of all....friends. We enjoyed a meal together, laughed (alot!), and then hit the games for a bit of fun.

I've got wonderful friends, not only for remembering and celebrating my birthday with me, but for caring about me. Thank you so much: Kathy, April, Nicole, Jace, Tina and Caroline; for a night full of smiles, laughter and memories.

And a big thank you to my BFF, Melissa, for harrassing me by phone to check up on me, and not giving in to my bullshit, and for going the extra mile just to show you care.


Melissa said...

LOL! Are you just now figuring out that harassment is my best quality...I mean besides my modesty, that is.

I hope you are feeling a little better today.

mackey said...

Thank God for the people who love you.
You WILL make it through this. ((((hugs))))
Oh & happy belated bday. One more to the big 3-0 right? =)

Sassy said...

Amen for friends.
We totally celebrated our birthdays the same way: friends, balloons and Dave and Busters!

Annette said...

I have a little something for you.