Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Therapy, Scouts & Parking Attendants

It's no surprise that I have not been in a normal state of mind lately. I'm struggling with my moods and often find myself in such a funk that I don't care to do anything.

Last week, my BFF calls me (I think she's making sure I'm not slitting my wrists or eating an entire bottle of pills) and we chat and next thing I know she's talking about kidnapping me that weekend.

She arrived at 9am Saturday morning and whisked me away to Galena, IL. It's about a 2 hour drive - and at one point I considered jumping out of the moving vehicle while she pressed on and made me reach so far into my brain that I thought I'd get lost in there.

I survived the car ride and we arrived in Galena ready to enjoy our girl's only weekend. Imagine our surprise when our first sight upon entering the town are poncho-clad boy scouts! And HUNDREDS of them. While she tried to run them all over find a parking spot, she commented on her knack of having the best timing.

We finally find a lot that's open with a sign that reads "All Day Parking". We wonder if we need to pay (most parking in Galena is free), and then realize we don't see any attendant anywhere. In the meantime another car pulls up, and we graciously let them get out first so we could follow their lead.

Just then, a pimply faced, rather large just-outta-high-school boy saunters over and sticks out his fat hand for his pay out. The occupants in the other car are conversing with him; telling him that he should at least turn the sign around to let everyone know that it costs $10 to park there prior to pulling in.

His comment?

"Well, then no one will come park here."

Seriously. He also had the audacity to say "You have the option to leave."

Listen here Hefty-Boy. I also have the option of punching you in the face.

I'm certain I saw him later in the chocolate shop buying his weight in fudge with a fistful of $10 bills.


Melissa said...

and that was just the beginning of the weekend.

Melissa said...

Were you reaching? I couldn't even tell...I still think you could have made it if you had tucked and rolled...lol!!

Good thing I didn't ask you the hard questions like...where do you see yourself in 10 years, or what are your hopes and dreams? ;)