Monday, June 25, 2007

Two Monsters, 6 Lives

The monsters I speak of are Christopher Vaughn and Bobby Cutts, Jr. Two men all over the recent nationwide news .... names that are now known from coast to coast.

Christopher Vaughn, arrested for the murders of his wife, and their three children. Bobby Cutts, arrested for the murder of his girlfriend and unborn daughter.

These two stories sucked me in, and I waited for new developments, more information; surfing the web and watching the news. I prayed for Jessie Davis and her unborn baby girl, hoping upon hope that she'd be found alive and well.

Much to my dismay, just hours after learning that Christopher Vaughn had been arrested for the murders of his family, we found that Jessie's body had been recovered.

Why these stories pulled at heartstrings? The Vaughn family was from a suburban Chicago town, not far from me. When something of this magnitude happens this close to home, it sticks with you. And when a young woman, pregnant with her second child disappears, with the awful reality looming that foul play was involved, it hits you. She was my age, and a mother at that. I can't imagine there being many women out there that this didn't hit home to.

Imagine, these lives .... all taken by someone they loved, and thought loved them in return.

Christopher Vaughn, shooting his family in cold blood, and moreso, from what I've read, those children were each shot twice, yet his wife, only once. Why? As if it weren't enough to murder the family, inflicting more gunshot wounds to those that were the most innocent. Children....all under the age of 13.

It sickens me, upsets me and makes me fear the future. Do we know who we can trust? When stories like this come to light, how do we really know we can trust those that are closest to us?

My heart breaks for the families and loved ones these 6 lives have left behind. For the grandparents of the Vaughn children, and for their family and friends and those of Kimberly Vaughn's. For the family and friends of Jessie Davis, and most importantly, for the 2 year old little boy, Blake that she leaves behind.

May you all find peace and comfort.

Rest in Peace:
Kimberly Vaughn
Abigayle Vaughn
Cassandra Vaughn
Blake Vaughn

Jessie Davis

And may those responsible for their deaths rot in hell.

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