Sunday, April 15, 2007

Still looking for an answer

The ultrasound I had on my liver & gallbladder came back all clear. The pain remained.

My doctor suggested an EGD (upper GI endoscopy, I believe is the proper term). It's first thing tomorrow morning, and I'm NOT looking forward to it. I am freaked out about something going down my throat. Everyone I've talked to that has had one, says it was no big deal, and that I won't be aware of what's going on anyway. Still, I would rather cancel and just not go.

The pain has gotten better, but I know it's probably best to go anyway. From what I've read, the pain can go away at times and there may be pain free periods. Something caused all the pain, and I'd rather try to get answers than wait for that horrible pain to start again.

A friend still believes it's my gallbladder, and that I'm going to end up needing to have it out. I prefer not to have surgery, but if that is indeed what caused the pain, so be it -- I'd rather not suffer.

I'm just worried now, though, that it's something more serious. And I'm worrying about my blood pressure. Even the last time when it was so high, the doctor didn't say anything about seeing another doctor for it, or express any big concern towards it. When it was 'borderline' at my annual with my OB/GYN, she just wanted to 'keep an eye on it' as I was going to start on birth control pills (I haven't, because I'm freaked out about the stroke warnings and my blood pressure).

I just want to be healthy. I want my BP to go down, I want answers to what caused the pain, and I want the pain to stay way. Is that too much to ask?


Jess said...

I've had 2 or 3 of these done and you're asleep for won't even remember it being done except for when you wake up your throat may hurt a bit or be scratcy. But, you won't remember the procedure at all. It sounds like it's your gallbladder to me as well. I hope you get some answers today. Good luck!

Jess said...

were you able to find anything out after the upper GI, Sarah?