Monday, July 19, 2010

Like sands thru the hour glass....

I am losing track of time. The days are speeding by and summer is already coming to an end (not officially, just that the kids start back to school on the 16th of August).

I have been in heavy planning mode for our upcoming Disney trip. I'm a little OCD when it comes to traveling to Disney World. And by that I mean, I set up a spreadsheet and document each day's events. From what park we're going to start off in, to where and what time our dining reservations are, to what time the parade is.

It actually works really well for a place like Disney. It allows me to keep our confirmation numbers for reservations organized and gives me a general idea of when I need to get the clan moving so we can make it to dinner on time.

Besides all of that, and work and the kids, I finally took a more official leap into photography. I somewhat did this before, but I never really put myself out there. I more or less had a website where I displayed some work. That was about the extent of it. After my 1-year hosting was up, I didn't renew it.

This time I set up a facebook page along with a website (a free one, but still) and I've already gained almost 70 "fans" on facebook (okay, so I know most of them). I already did a session photographing some hair clips for a friend in Texas who has an etsy shop. And I've got a few people that are interested in me doing sessions for them. We'll see how it all goes.

All I know is that it makes me really happy when I'm behind the camera. But, I am a little nervous about taking photos for others. I know my photos are good, I'm just.....I don't know. Afraid that I won't do well enough for them.

I refuse to let fear hold me back any longer, though....that's what happened last time, and I just can't let that happen again.


Anonymous said...

Good luck with the phtog thing!

I'd pull out my eye and eat it if it would keep me from having to see the big rat!

momma monkey said...

it's always awesome when you follow your dreams and when you have a skill that is something as beautiful as capturing speical amazing moments.... great job!!! You will be successful and never doubt that!!!