Saturday, June 12, 2010

Floating in the Bubble

I think I remember mentioning the bubble of ignorance I would be floating in while I awaited my next appointment with the rheumatologist. Well, I'm still floating around in that bubble.

I had to reschedule my appointment because the doctor was running so far behind that day that I couldn't wait around to be seen. I still have another 10 days before I'll be seen.

No problem, I figured. I'll just continue my parade in my precious bubble until then. Until tonight.

The mysterious swelling under my chin is back. I went in to my doctor twice for this already. It has been swollen a time or two more than that, but went away rather quickly and didn't cause me too much grief.

It's pretty tender and sore again this time. So, I started thinking about the positive blood tests I've already had, and what they could possibly mean. And I decided to look up swollen salivary glands in reference to that.

Sure enough, it's a pretty prevailent symptom of sjogren's, which is one of the diseases linked to the positive subset run after the positive ANA. And I'm continuing to find more pieces of the puzzle -- I wondered why I had 3 full cups of pop while at Chuck E Cheese with my kids tonight, and that I'm still incredibly thirsty.

Here I thought my visit to the rheumatologist would end up being a waste of time -- because it didn't seem like there was anything different I needed to discuss with him. And now, just 10 days out, I've got what could be the determining factor.

I will admit that I'm hopeful that this will be it. That I can finally get some answers. But I'm also scared. Answers and potentially a diagnosis will mean reality. Am I ready to be told that I do indeed have an autoimmune disease?

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momma monkey said...

hugs girl! I know the answers might not be what you want them to be....but, at least you'll have answers and hopefully a plan of action.... Things will be okay...