Sunday, July 01, 2007

The Work Force

We were truly holding out hope that Mike would end up getting the position the he applied and went for - not one - but two interviews for with a dish tv company (I'd rather not give the name). It was for a management position, and it seemed like it would work out nicely for our family, the pay was quite a bit more than he had been making, and it would allow him to break out of the food industry.

Of course, he never heard back, even after he called last week and left a message. I'm so disappointed that such a well known company would be looking to hire someone, tell them that he'd be notified either way and then never call, nor return phone calls. Now, the whole thing was not handled all that well. They were doing the interviewing, etc etc and Mike expected to hear something the week of June 18. When he didn't hear anything by Thursday of that week, he called. A secretary or someone in the office said the guy was on vacation that week, and Mike's application was still on his desk. Said he'd be returning Mike's call midweek the next week. So, the next week (this was last week, then, the week of June 25), Mike waits again and calls on Thursday after he didn't hear anything. Gets the guy's voicemail, so he leaves a message. Still nothing.

We're assuming the worst. They are not interested. In the meantime, while this all went on, Mike was offered another job. Just a tiny bit more than he was making, although a raise would come as soon as he took over as the general manager. It's, of course, for a food place. They say, though, that they always take 1 day off on the weekend, and 1 during the week. 10 hour shifts (which would mean getting off no earlier than 7pm pretty much).

I'm really not too sure how I feel about this. Yes, it's a job. But just how will the quality of life be?

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Jess said...

Congrats to Mike. He can keep looking and you never know the dish company may work out after all and he can quit the new job to go over there. If you're not happy with the job, tell him not to give up looking until you find something that fits your family. HUGS and prayers!